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Author: Kent Lindstrom

#91 Ryan Bethencourt — Wild Earth Founder and Babel Ventures Partner

Ryan Bethencourt

Ryan is the Founder/CEO of Wild Earth (backed by Felicis Ventures and Peter Thiel).  He is a Partner at Babel ventures and Investor/Advisor to over 80 biotech startups. He aims, through his work, is to positively impact the lives of 7+ billion people and billions of animals through applied biotechnology.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Kent and Ryan discuss the case for Vegan dog food, the emergence of lab-grown foods, the creation of a biotech incubator, the future of psychedelics and more!

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#90 Codepath’s Michael Ellison — Racism, poverty and Silicon Valley

Codepath’s Michael Ellison

Michael is the founder and CEO of a nonprofit increasing the number of high performing,underrepresented software engineers at scale. At over 30 schools, supplements university curriculum with courses co-developed with top technology companies

In this wide-ranging conversation, Kent and Michael discuss racism and poverty on the road to Silicon Valley, Also, discussed are flaws in the Black Panther motion picture.

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#88 Rick Marini of Protocol Ventures

Rick Marini of Protocol Ventures

Rick is the managing partner of Protocol Ventures, a fund-of-funds in the crypto asset class. He is a founder of two of the fastest growing social networks — Tickle and Branchout, Advisor to Founders Den, and Angel investor in more than 50 companies.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Kent and Rick discuss what’s real and what’s not in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin maximalism, vs. the opportunity of new coins, and much more.


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#63 Sarah Marie — The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Sarah Marie Jackson of
Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie is the CEO and Founder of Spec.FM. She made her way to Silicon Valley from Minnesota, by way of a stint working a bakery.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Kent and Sarah discuss the non-traditional path to Silicon Valley, being a woman in the male-dominated tech-world, and more!

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#86 Nick Heyman on the Future of Transport

Nick is Founder of DynoVC, a venture capital fund focused on transportation technology. Nick was also one of the first ten employees at Facebook, overseeing the social network’s operations.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Kent and Nick discuss the future of transportation — from scooters to self driving trucks. Also discussed are the social implications of displacing people who drive for a living, the bicycle/alt transport battles and more!

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#50 Jonathan Abrams talks Silicon Valley

Jonathan Abrams

Jonathan Abrams is an engineer, entrepreneur, and investor.

Jonathan is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Founders Den, San Francisco’s most exclusive workspace and community for startups and investors. Previously Jonathan was the founder of Nuzzel and Friendster, and a software engineer at Netscape and Nortel.

Jonathan is an investor in over 50 startups, and a board member at Girls in Tech.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Jonathan and Kent go in depth on Jonathan’s unique perspective on Silicon Valley.

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#79 Marketing Guru Neil Cohn Talks Tech Bubbles

Neil Cohen, Marketing Therapist

Neil Cohen is a marketing guru, who has served as a marketing executive at such companies as Hilton, Sega and Arby’s.

He advises numerous companies on marketing strategy, including companies that are part of Startup Mexico, Startup Chile, and IndieBio.

In the episode, Neil and Kent discuss famous Silicon Valley bubbles. as they take a look back at 20 years of Silicon Valley Craziness.

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