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Month: July 2023

Anthony Soohoo: Bringing the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Walmart

Anthony Soohoo
AI Fund

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Anthony Soohoo is a Venture Advisor at AI Fund.  It is a role he took on after building and selling the company he built (Dot & Bo).

Rather than start another company, Anthony became the head of Walmart’s Home Division.  It’s the largest US retailer for home goods, and one of six business units at Wal-Mart.  Anthony discusses what it’s like going from a startup to operating at the scale of, essentially, a Fortune 500 CEO.

Anthony also begins the “AI Series” – where we begin discussing what is happening as AI technology begins to emerge.  Anthony advises “AI Fund”, a venture studio that works with entrepreneurs to bring their AI companies to market.

A note on the “AI Series”:  A lot of people have expressed interest in the emergence of AI as a technological force driving the next wave of innovation.  Many believe it is significant as the emergence of the Internet or mobile phones.   So I’m beginning a series with Something Ventured where I talk to people who are experts in the field, and can bring insight as to what is happening, what to understand and what to look forward to as AI starts to…eat the world.

AI Fund

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