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152 Stacey Bishop of Scale Venture Partners On Ascending the Venture Ladder and the Rise of “All Raise”

Stacey Bishop
Scale Venture Partners

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Stacey Bishop is a partner at Scale Venture Partners where she invests in “business applications driving the Intelligent Connected World”. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of companies like Abstract, Airspace, Demandbase, Extole, Lever, and Textio.

Stacey is a founding member of All Raise – an organization frequently mentioned on Something Ventured. She is also an advisor to The University Growth Fund

Stacey got her MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA from The University of Michigan.

In this episode we discuss her path to becoming  a partner at a prominent Silicon Valley firm, and the role All Raise played in accelerating her career.

Notable quotes from this episode:

On the Early Days of “All Raise”

“Before All Raise, women in venture, we just put our heads down, did our job — just focused on trying to get ahead and do the right thing. And I think the most eye-opening thing – when All Raise started, it changed the dynamic. It suddenly brought all the women together. And even though we had all been kind of working side by side, we weren’t really — there were so few of us but there was little getting together.  Now there’s this whole network. And so I think it’s changed the industry.”

On Hedge Funds Moving Into Venture Capital

“Hedge funds have certainly been there later stage. Mostly because private companies are going public much later. So in order for them to get the returns they need, they started coming into the private markets. So they had been showing up at the late stage. But now we’re seeing them much earlier. That’s probably been the biggest change and that’s been over the last several years.”

On Valuation Trends of Tech Companies

“We just had (another) billion dollar exit:  Most people haven’t even heard of the company. But, if you had a five or six billion-dollar exit, everybody would have known about it. Snowflake went public last week…it was under the radar, but Snowflake was the biggest venture exit of all time.”

On The Future of Meetings

“In meetings ‘before’, somebody had to get in the car and drive to go see you and take all that time. So out of respect, you don’t want to not spend the time with them. So you spend a full hour or more.  Even if it’s just an introductory meeting you feel this obligation.  I don’t know how much in-person meetings will drop, but there will be a whole subset of meetings that can be done remotely.”

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